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Take a look inside the captivating debut show from Jordanluca

Maledetta Primavera is the first catwalk from the rising brand you need to know.

“The JORDANLUCA muse walks, runs and dances in the darkness of an early morning or the laser beamed basement of a nighttime rave embracing the promise of the light to come. The crisp air that cuts into a mood and strokes cloth exposed skin. Comforting comfortable courageous” – Princess Julia

For their first ever catwalk show, design duo Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto didn’t hold back. Filling the collection with plunging necklines, mesmerising prints and natural homages, the looks are as fitting on a runway as they would be in an underground rave. Whether looking to Freddie Mercury or neon rodents, the pair paid attention to the finer details, creating a cohesive and innovative selection of pieces.

Working with milliner Stephen Jones, Jordanluca’s headweear consisted of globe-like structures that hung over model’s heads like their very own solar systems. Contrasting the layered and loose fabrics, the sharp symbolic pieces created an otherworldly sense, whilst the pieces brought us back down to earth.

Aspiring to create carbon-neutral collections, the duo have been working closely with sustainable sources to make their brand as eco-friendly as possible, and do so whilst keeping the pieces vital and powerful. An all round inspiring catwalk debut, Jordanluca proved themselves to be the London designers you need to know.

Click through the gallery below to see a look at SS20 and follow Jordanluca on Instagram here.

10 June 2019