Take a peek into the surreal new exhibition Signs of Life

Open now is an exciting new artistic collaboration between two galleries and two creators.

bo.lee and JAMM galleries are presenting an exhibition of David Mach and Ade Adsina. Meeting in Aberdeen back in 2013, the two immediately bonded over interest and engagement in shared issues. From environmental and ecological, to cultural, social and political, they agreed and cared about many of the same issues.

Joining together in 2017, they collaborated on a grand sale linocut which was exhibited at the prestigious Summer Exhibition the same year. But for their latest work the two have created intricate, multi-faceted and layered images which come together to make imagined landscapes. Exploring the effects of our modern world, of excessive consumption and rapid development, the pieces are stark reminders of the environmental impact human existence has had on the world.


With Mach drawing on biblical narratives, his magazine and print cut outs create a pop culture atmosphere within the allegory. Adesina however, forms a “baron tableaux filled with forboding references”, the two together amalgamate in rather haunting, but ever captivating creation. Demanding attention, the process means that the works are exceptionally detailed, resulting in a multitude of meanings and interpretation.

Teaming up with Amy Frost of JAMM gallery, the exhibition will be held at bo.lee, Signs of Life will run from 7th until 29th September. Mach explained that “We both have a tendency towards the baroque because of a desire not to leave anything out. I think it would be true to say we want to include everything – history, geography, engineering, the natural world of skins and patterns, social and political issues. You name it. We want it there”. Adesina went on to emphasise how vital their shared passions are, “Collaborating with David I have seen the way that he has addressed [the themes important to her work] throughout his career. I think that our collaborative pieces successfully represent the key issues that we are both passionate about as artists”.

Signs of Life runs from 7th until 29th September at bo.lee Gallery at 222 Rye Ln, London, SE15 4NL.

8 September 2018