Teddy on Soundcloud rap and the power of musical expression

Meet the emo musician you need to know...

Having just dropped his vibrant new self-titled EP, Teddy is back and he means business. New York City born and bred, the 22-year-old rapper evolved from his humble Soundcloud beginnings to a unique and innovative sound. We meet the rising star to find out how he got where he is now, and where he’s off to next…

What’s your earliest memory of falling in love with music?

My earliest memory of falling in love with music was when my dad would drive me around as a kid and he would always play “Dance With My Father Again” by Luther Vandross.

You’re known for coming through the Soundcloud music scene, how important do you think it is that musicians are being discovered from new avenues, does it add to further representation?

I do think that new avenues such as Soundcloud are incredibly important to be discovered, for musicians to share their music. Anyone is able to have their music heard by the masses, now more than ever.

Your music has been described as ‘dark’ – would you agree with this, and why do you think it was seen in this way?

I think some of my music can be described as dark, but it definitely isn’t all dark. All my music is just my pure emotion at the time, so whatever I was feeling at the time is the mood for the song.

What were the main concepts behind your latest EP?

My album is simply titled “Teddy,” so the main concept is to have a body of work that fully displays who I am as a person. My true self, Teddy.

Do you think there is enough honesty in music, and is this something you’re trying to cultivate?

I don’t think there is a whole lot of honesty in some of the new wave trap shit, but I don’t really care to speak on any of that. Honesty is very important to me and that’s why all the music I make is real. I think that people are drawn to authenticity.

There has been a lot of discussion around mental health and music, do you think that it’s important that musicians discuss real life problems to connect with fans? What does it add?

Of course it is. We are all people, musicians go through the same struggles as their fans and experience the same emotions. I think being able to openly discuss issues such as mental health lets the fans know that real shit happens to everyone, and music can let them know that they are not alone.

Who do you admire currently, and have you been given any advice that you’ve followed?

The person I admire currently is Gunnar Xubin. You may not know who he is right now, but I fully believe that you soon will. The best advice I’ve been given was to be as open in my creativity as possible, that way all my music will be authentic and true to who I am.

What can we expect next from you musically?

You can expect a little bit of everything from me musically. After this album, I will keep experimenting with new sounds and styles to be able to express how I’m feeling.

Teddy’s self-titled album is out everywhere now, check it out here and follow him on Instagram here.

30 April 2019