19 April 2023

*That* raunchy pillow scene in Netflix’s ‘Obsession’ has viewers shocked

Two episodes in and viewers were caught off guard by Richard Armitage’s pillow escapades.

Netflix’s new BDSM-thriller Obsession has got viewers talking since its recent release. It was only two episodes in when viewers saw the solo sex scene of Richard Armitage’s character William Farrow.

To outline the premise, a young woman named Anna Barton (played by Charlie Murphy) has an affair with her boyfriend’s father William. It’s quite the Freudian nightmare of a four-part mini-series, and around 25 minutes into the second episode we are hit with Armitage on his solo mission in a hotel room. 

In the scene, Anna jumps in her car after checking out of the hotel, and William requests hotel room number 10. He enters the room, makes his way over, and after some bedsheet sprawling and sheet sniffing you realise that he is masturbating. Yep. Amongst the hotel pillows, William is acting on a kink called olfactophilia – not-so-coincidentally coined by Sigmund Freud for when one is aroused by smells and odour. 

This solo scene has really just confirmed to us that each to their own, but of course, the internet has different ideas. “I will never look at another hotel pillow the same after Obsession,” says one viewer. “Wtf am I looking at,” says another.

Maybe this is Netflix’s raunchiest release to date? If you are still interested in learning more about *that* scene and all it entails, the streaming platform has opened an erotic immersive experience in London’s Soho for you to learn more.  

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