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The 90-year-old Spanish jewellery designer creating wearable art

Big, bold and beautiful.

Winner of 12 national jewellery awards, Albert Coll was considered a visionary ahead of his time. Turning jewellery into an art form, playing with colour, texture and form. Perhaps you know little of the Barcelona-born creative – who launched his eponymous label in 1956 with boundary-pushing collection featuring unique pieces meticulously handcrafted in his native land – though Albert’s experimental designs have always had a strong identity.

Looking back he got offered to open a shop on the famous 5th Avenue in New York City. Albert declined because he didn’t really know where that was and didn’t feel New York was the right location. “It didn’t feel like home. It wasn’t Barcelona.”

Even when Albert shut down his company it never stopped him from making jewellery and, with his granddaughter’s help, Coll has relaunched with a collection that features conceptual jewellery made 40 years ago. Albert says: “They say my pieces have the power to travel through time and space and that’s why I’ve always loved jewellery-making, because it’s an art that never dies.”

Prices range between 75€ – 700€. For further updates head to and hit follow on Instagram @albertcoll_jewelry.

21 March 2019