23 January 2024

The ‘Barbie: The World Tour’ book will showcase Margot Robbie’s viral Barbie looks

Margot Robbie's stylist is teaming up with cult publisher Rizzoli to create 'Barbie: The World Tour'.

This Barbie is a bookworm! And she’s got Barbie: The World Tour to thank for that. Yesterday it was announced that the publishing house Rizzoli would be joining forces with Andrew Mukamal –  Margot Robbie’s stylist – to create a book which spotlights all of the Barbie-inspired looks worn by the leading actor to promote Greta Gerwig’s film. Spanning 160 pages, it will feature photos of Robbie shot by prominent fashion photographer Craig McDean, images from Mattel’s archives,  sketches by designers, and Polaroids from the set of the film. With the writers and actors strikes cutting Barbie’s press tour short, Barbie: The World Tour will even debut some never-before-seen outfits.

Barbie holds the title of the highest-grossing film of 2023, and the 14th of all time. That’s down to not just the film’s message, but the press tour to end all press tours that came with it. Spanning Sydney to Seoul, it saw the film’s leading actor take to the pink carpets in designer outfits inspired by vintage Barbie looks. Margot popped on Schiaparelli to emulate the “Solo in the Spotlight” Barbie doll, Moschino SS15 to transform into a doll from 1964, and Versace to become the “Day to Night” Barbie. Her looks sparked admiration, threads on X, and hordes upon hordes of articles.

With Rizzoli taking the reins on Barbie: The World Tour, proponents of “Barbiecore” need not fear: all the viral sartorial creations of Andrew Mukamal will be in safe hands. The cult publisher is not only behind the creme de la creme of art books, but particularly zeitgeist-y favourites like Selfish – a book consisting of nothing more than Kim K selfies – and monographs Storia (about Italian brand Stone Island) and Pharrell: Carbon Pressure & Time.

It’s now a case of twiddling your thumbs until the book is released. We reckon that the month and a bit before the 19th of March is a good opportunity to delve into the breadth of other movie tie-in books already out there. Entry level bookworms-stroke-cinephiles might look to all those that take you behind the scenes of all Wes Anderson’s films: Lauren Dalton’s book on Isle of Dogs or Matt Zoller Seitz’s definitive The Wes Anderson Collection. Anyone willing to part with a decent chunk of cash and get not just a book but a few “cool person points”, should head straight to IDEA. Their 1972 book Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange will set you back £300, and a French film programme for Gus Van Sant’s Elephant costs a mere £95… Yeah, we’ll just wait for the Barbie book.

  • Writer Amber Rawlings
  • Banner Image Credit Barbie / Heyday Films

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