4 July 2022

Plastic fantastic: The ‘Barbiecore’ trend is here for the summer

Hot Barbie summer, here we come!

It’s not long now till Barbie hits the big screen — and the plastic fantastic aesthetic is going nowhere. Images of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling sporting florescent 80’s inspired arms have reportedly caused a massive spike in people searching for the ‘Barbie’ aesthetic. 

According to We Thrift, the major trends are ‘hot pink fashion’, which has seen a 354% increase in search volume, followed by roller skates (134%), unitards (104%), and leg warmers (84%). It doesn’t stop there; Barbie-inspired nails are also having a moment, as well as bleach blonde hair. The power of film, eh? 

“Barbiecore is everywhere this summer. We first spotted the trend taking heavy influence over the Valentino Pink PP Collection, followed by Margot Robbie channelling Barbie in her latest movie with Ryan Gosling. Now the style is making its way into the wardrobes of a-list celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, Lizzo, Hailey Bieber and more,” explains trend expert, Nick Drewe. 

“The style is all about looking pretty in pink. We’re seeing lots of matching pink sets, monochromatic looks and feminine silhouettes. Brands like Maison Valentino and Miu Miu have also started to incorporate the signature core trend into their fashion lines, embracing colourful prints and textures that incorporate the modern characteristics of Barbiecore,” he continues.

So, if you’re looking to channel some hot pink energy this year, scroll on for some inspo…

  • Banner Image Credit Warner Bros. Studios

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