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The California-based photographer capturing urban dreamscapes

California-based photographer Collin Pollard is our latest must-follow, capturing surreal, urban dreamscapes.

Blending David Hockney’s style of Nouveau Réalisme with landscape photography, Pollard finds beauty in the banal through image-making, sculpture and large-scale installations.

“My work is heavily focused on reorganizing the shapes, colours and textures of our mundane, everyday surroundings,” Collin tells HUNGER. “Using crisp lines and pastel colours, my work creates a unique narrative between the viewer and our world. I set out to create meaningful moments out of the seemingly disposable.” All of his work goes through extensive post production; distorting colours and shapes to match the vision for the piece.

“For me personally, I enjoy finding inspiration from other mediums outside photography,” he adds. “Focusing my extra time on studying painting and sculpture I feel has been the key to keeping my work fresh and unique.”

To check out more of Collin’s work head to @collpoll19

3 October 2018