The Canadian neon-pop label you need to know

Green Machine trousers, yellow buckle up skirts, neon pants: PROFANITY is the new label to know blending highlighter hues and cyber-punk style. Designed by Canadian born, queer designer Lillea, the brand reflects her personal style and ethos, representing “freedom from societies rules, inclusivity and limitless possibilities.”

“My mother was a wardrobe stylist. I used to go to set with her and I became crazy for clothes at a very young age,” Lillea tells HUNGER. “It started with dress up boxes and moved into fashion, I found myself constantly thinking about outfits and what I could put together, so when I graduated [from John Casablancas Institute] I knew fashion was the industry I wanted to be in.”

“I always love to celebrate the queer community,” she adds. “I love supporting people with a strong sense of individuality. My brand’s aesthetic is eccentric, gender-less and happy.”

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13 September 2018

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