The club kid to know re-shaping the Parisian queer scene

From collaborations with 3D makeup artists to co-hosting a new queer party ‘Kindergarten’ in the City of Light, Tiggy Thorn is the Parisian artist to know reviving the glory days of NYC’s 80s Club Kids.

“I like to think Tiggy as a creepy-cute creature,” Thorn tells HUNGER. “I enjoy creating contrast into my work; the visual aspect is always balanced between harsh parts; black lines, mask-inspired makeup to bright colors, shiny things and kawaii-ish outfits. My ultimate beauty icon is probably Elmo to be quite honest. Timeless!” We caught up with the alt-beauty follow to find out more.

Hey Tiggy! Talk me through the underground art and drag scene in Paris RN, what’s the vibe?

The queer Club Kid/drag scene in Paris is still quite young. In France, in terms of body and art performance we have a long history of burlesque but that’s quite all. It’s been approximately six or seven years that it really started to grow and now it’s getting bigger every day. I’ve been part of it for quite some time now – with a lot of drag friends, and we all agree on how incredible it is to witness this whole scene moving and evolving so fast. Paris is full of super creative people and we really are a whole big family partying, helping and having fun with each other.

You describe your gender fluid persona Tiggy as a “creepy-cute creature”.Who are your top five creative creatures HUNGER readers should follow?

Ryan Burk: He’s the first artist/clubkid I saw way before starting working on my persona and I’ll always remember being so moved by his aesthetic. He’s a true hard worker and, for me, the ultimate contemporary clubkid genius.

Hungry: Visually impeccable and pathologically precise about absolutely everything she does. She brought something undeniably fresh to the drag scene.

Cookie Kunty: Long time friend of mine, we started going out and creating our persona at the exact same time and evolved together. She’s the sweetest talented person you’ll met and her creativity is out of this world.

Dshock: My inner graphic designer is speaking for picking Dshock, I am visually in love with his work, his color and material choices are always incredibly smart and his faces are absolutely fascinating.

Klaus: As cookie, a Parisian fellow that I met much later. A very dark and sexual aesthetic that I can’t stop looking at. I’m always mesmerized by his makeup and his evolution as a performer, he has a true artistic approach.

What is your definition of beauty? 

Beauty is such an abstract concept. In a very general way, I personally find beauty where I find something that moves me. It can come from anywhere or anybody, beauty makes me feel, makes me laugh, cry, upset me. I will always be astonished by the concept of beauty/ugliness, it’s even almost surreal that we have words to define those concepts. For me, there’s always « ugliness » in « beauty » and vice versa.

What inspires you the most?

I’m mainly inspired by first art (masks and sculptures), simple and graphic lines, made such a long time ago yet so contemporary, mixed with a very Japanese-kawaii energy. I always loved bright and punchy colors, faux fur and textures, child toys, stuffed animals… I like to have fun when I’m creating Tiggy and I always want people to have fun watching me.

Also, the Parisian queer scene inspire me a lot too, everybody has their own way of working, thinking, growing and it’s very exhilarating and exciting to be around so much creative creatures.

How do you hope to challenge conventional beauty standards? 

More than beauty standards I’d like to challenge the idea of gender. By creating a persona which is not defined as male or female but just by cute, weird or funny aesthetics, it helps people to get that after all, as long as you’re open to it and enjoy what’s in front of you for what it is, gender just doesn’t matter.

Thanks Tiggy!

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