The cult London label making archeology sexy

Stonehenge streetwear. It’s a thing.

Despite Indiana Jones’ best efforts, archeologists have never really been seen as icons of style. But then neither was our geography teacher, until corduroy in 50 shades of brown made its way onto the runway. So for those with both a penchant for prehistoric monuments and the latest streetwear offering, make way for Wiltshire B4 Christ, a collaborative project by cult London label Aries, Jeremy Deller and David Sims.

Wiltshire B4 Christ will take the form of an immersive exhibition debuting at The Store X, 180 The Strand in London, an art book and a limited edition capsule collection – think 90s rave meets Britain’s Neolithic past.

The 30-piece accompanying collection available in limited runs features unique artwork, created by Aries and Jeremy Deller, from tie-dye tees, acid bright sweats, socks, blankets, and other merchandise. Exclusive styles produced in collaboration with The Store X will be available for the duration of the exhibition at 180 The Strand and the rest of the collection will be exclusive to Dover Street Market worldwide from Friday January 18th.

Shot at some of Britain’s key Neolithic sites including Stonehenge and Avesbury, it engages with mysticism, pagan symbology, and a particularly British exploration of identity, time and place. The exhibition will be open to the public from Wednesday 16th January until Sunday 27th January and will feature a projection tunnel, painted murals and framed large Salisbury Museum will sit alongside the imagery and another room will house a film shot on location by Deller.


“I see Aries as a vehicle for different ideas and collaborations,” says Aries Creative Director Sofia Prantera. “In turn this frames the clothing we produce. It has become harder to define your brand with clothing alone, fashion is now ubiquitous and therefore less relevant or interesting to me in its more commercial form. Investing in an output outside of product is essential to me. This project inverts the traditional idea of fashion and makes the product the enabler rather than the focus.”

“We have a fascination with ancient symbols and these have always appeared in Aries’ graphics; randomly plucked from different civilizations, purposely distorted and repurposed to create new signifiers. Jeremy’s work focuses on similar themes developing the product and subsequent displays together has been an incredible process. As a society we might have lost religion, but a return to paganism and spirituality seems to offer a new way to connect with others, to congregate, which I am hoping this project can explore and deliver.”


Wiltshire B4 Christ takes place from January 16 – 27 at The Store X, 180 The Strand and is open daily from 12 – 7pm. Entrance to the exhibition is free. 

11 January 2019

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