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The digi-genius creating vaporwave glitch art on Instagram

Glitch creations are the latest trend storming the art world.

From vaporwave vibes to surreal sceneries, Dorian Legret’s work amalgamates the best of the digi universe. Bringing together vibrant graphics and antique statues, the artwork celebrates the traditional figure-work of old, mixed with the intricacies of modern techniques.

A trend which just won’t quit, vaporwave has become somewhat of a subculture IRL as much as URL. With photo editing apps like R4VE taking over the Insta scene, it’s as easy as pie for people to glitch themselves up. But, there’s still a delicate art to the work of Dorian Legret: there’s a thin line between playful and OTT, and he treads it carefully. Whether obscuring the face of President Lincoln or transporting an ordinary landscape into space-age scenery, Legret’s creations are sure to brighten up your Instagram feed, so have a scroll through our top picks below.

Follow Dorian Legret on Instagram here and check out his prints for sale online here.

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12 September 2019