14 September 2018

The digital surrealist on a mission to change the world

Kendario La’Pierre is a 25 year old photographer and mixed media artist on a mission to provoke cultural change.

Inspired by Frank Ocean, Rene’ Descartes, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Pablo Picasso, and Van Gogh, Kendario’s digital art aims to alleviate the suffering of the real world, offering the viewer an escape “to a surreal world full of emotion”.

Addressing themes of black identity, gentrification, the natural world and futurism – his work resonates with empathy and compassion, placing him at the centre of the socially conscious creative community in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighbourhood where he now resides.

Explore more on Kendario’s Instagram.

Garden of Seduction


Black Flower


Browse more of Kendario’s art in the gallery below.

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