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The Disruptors: Saskia Ivy on candidly capturing London’s youth

Photographer, artist and T-shirt designer, Saskia Ivy has paved her own way to the top.

It didn’t take Brighton-born Saskia Ivy long to fall for London’s diverse culture: from raves to wavey garms the creative was soon capturing the most candid moments of the city’s underground world. Enthralled by the evolving youth culture, Saskia’s work grants a first person look at the most intimate of rebellions, the most intricate of subcultural trends and the most powerful of attitudes. Influenced by the 80s and 90s garage culture, Saskia Ivy updates the aesthetic to 2018, making the retro relevant but keeping it as iconic as ever. We catch up with the photographer to find out how the city has inspired her and where it will lead her to next…

How has London’s style and attitude shaped your view of creativity?

London’s street culture style has always shaped my work. As it evolves and changes, so do I – and this has given me an open mind and the confidence and freedom to do my own thing.

As a youth photographer, what does young London have that other cities don’t?

I feel that London has history of being the heart and birthplace of many youth cultures in the UK. I feel that I have a deeper connection to the city because I was also born here and in a way, so was my photography.

How did the city cultivate and nurture your own talents throughout your career?

By working in the city I met a lot of interesting people and creatives with similar interests to me, which meant I was always learning something new whatever I did. As I got more involved in more scenes and got to know new places my imagination grew.

What are some of your earliest memories of falling in love with photography? 

When I was about 13 my girlfriends and I would set up photo shoots and make films which I would edit. That was probably the first time I realised that I wanted to pursue a career in art and photography. 

Your work captures youth culture in a very honest and natural way – which other photographers or eras inspired you throughout your career?

 I would have to say Ewen Spencer, Tom Wood, Boogie, Josh Cole and George Shaw who is actually a painter. I studied various different eras but the ones that I related to and were inspired by most were the Acid house scene, 90s, mainly the jungle scene – and I know Wavey Garms isn’t a photographer or an era, but the brand ethos really inspired and enriched my work.

What has photography taught you about yourself? 

It has taught me to look at life with more detail and be patient. Don’t ignore the little things because they may be the most important parts. And the best lesson photography has taught me is to make the most of what is in front of you.

Talk us through the t-shirt you’re wearing, what were the influences?

 It was taken at a jungle rave in Elephant & Castle. I had noticed that when the 90s rave fashion had begun to creep back in the TNs were an important part of the look. I thought it would be interesting to take some photos of ravers shoes whilst they danced.

Saskia Ivy wears the Nike Tn in Hyper Blue, available from 8th November on

6 November 2018