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The exhibition curated by dogs for dogs

It’s believed to be the first show of its kind.

Doggos and pet owners unite!  Southwark Park Galleries present a contemporary art show curated by and designed for dogs.

The appropriately named ‘Dog Show’, is a selection of works chosen by 15 cultured canines who live with a variety of artists and curators, they were invited to select their favourite dog-related artworks.

With screens on the ground, life-sized dog soft toys in a variety of breeds and interactive toys strewn across the floor, ‘Dog Show’ is the perfect pooch playground.

The exhibition includes a series of Joan Jonas’s dog drawings, performances by Kroot Juurak & Alex Bailey both chosen by Whippet, Agnes who lives with her human companion/curator Joyce Cronin; Border Terrier Cross Ruby selected Martin Creed’s film ‘Orson and Sparky’; art critic Louisa Buck’s Samson, a Cockerpoo chose ‘Dog Duet’ and ‘The Spelling Lesson’ by William Wegman; Tess, a Border Terrier made a more sophisticated selection, Lucian Freud’s etching of his beloved Whippet, Pluto.

‘Dog Show’ is now open to our furry friends and fellow humans at the Lake and Dilston Galleries.

18 July 2019