The fashion shoot exploring Gia Carangi and bombshell beauty

Gia Carangi is without a doubt the OG supermodel: bombshell beauty and glamour galore.

Back in 1998, Angelina Jolie took on the role back in ’98 and became the tumultuous talent we knew and loved. Photographer Callum Inskip explained that the film and the character became a great influence to him and his work. Talking to HUNGER about a new shoot in particular, he described how “I believe film plays such a large role in how we are exposed to and engage with fashion” and that “the film Gia was the original inspiration for this shoot”.

Inskip believed that Angelina Jolie’s portrayal of Gia Carangi really documents the highs and lows of the world of fashion and modelling. As he exemplifies in his imagery, the shoot aimed to “portray this rebellious element which is shown in the film and within our shoot”. Bringing the worlds of film and fashion together effortless, the shoot epitomises the subtle influences that movies have on style, and that fashion has of cinema.

Next up for Callum? “Some of my favourite films for inspiration are of course Stanley Kubrick’s masterpieces, which I am currently planning an editorial around”. Stay tuned…

Follow Callum Inskip on Instagram here and click through the gallery below to see the whole shoot.

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