1 November 2018

The future of fashion illustration in the age of Instagram?

In a world obsessed with digital, fashion drawing and illustration is still as relevant and is key to forming the most creative and artistic of statements, whether that be in fashion design or for those using social platforms to showcase their stylish sketches.

“Through drawing we can move design on; personify style, mood, make a statement; progress traditions and construct new worlds to push fashion forward.” – Rob Phillips, artist and Creative Director of the School of Design and Technology at London College of Fashion, UAL

#DRAWFASHION 2018, now in its fourth year, celebrates drawing skills through a competition which brings to light the most creative work from students all over the UK. All shortlisted pieces will be exhibited at Cass Art’s Glasgow Art Space from 14th – 23rd November, including work by the winner who will be announced during the exhibition on 15th November. Take a sneak peek below…


Dominic Huckbody

Rob Unett

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