Marco Mori, the 3D animator and neo-surrealist you need to know

The German-born creative taking motion graphics to the next level.

The 26-year-old talent grabbed our attention on Instagram with his surreal simulated characters: think naked men ruling the runway, imploding heads to sci-fi avatars turning into mush. We caught up with Mori to find out more.

Hey Mori! How did you get into animation?

I got there through university as we started learning motion graphics with after effects and maya. And I hated 3D because maya seems too crazy to learn so I sticked with aftereffects. But after some time I realized that you actually need 3D to realize certain things so I researched and came up with cinema 4D. Since then I made a project here and there for university but nothing super fancy. It all really began last year with my new pc as I started to create something nearly daily.

You’ve said in the past you don’t describe yourself as an artist, why is that?

Because it’s hard to tell exactly what is art in general. So it’s up to my audience whether they call me an artist or not. I am just doing what I like and will continue doing this wheter you call me an artist, designer , software user or anything else.

How would you describe your animations?

As funny and weird technique tests.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

From nearly everything. Daily occasion, movies, talks, other artists on Instagram. I think I get mostly influenced from artists like Antoni Tudisco, Esteban Diacono and extraweg, as their works are always outstanding, fresh, new and not that usual stuff you always see.

Your digi-characters are very diverse in age, race, size. You featured a larger male model on a runway, for example. Have you ever received any negative comments online over this?

Yes of Course, like fat-phobic and stuff like this but such things happen if you provoke so it’s just a confirmation that it works.

What’s up next for you?

Since I finished university I can now completely focus on freelancing and working on cool new projects.

Thanks Marco!

This article originally appeared on Hunger TV June 2018. To check out more of Marco’s work check out his Instagram @macomoroni. 

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