30 November 2023

The iconic robe from ‘The Big Lebowski’ is heading to auction

Spending $30,000 on a robe from the 90s isn't a solid investment? That's just like... your opinion, man. 

Fans of cinema’s chillest white russian drinker rejoice: this December the most iconic costume featured in the Coen brothers The Big Lebowski is going on sale. On Monday, Julien’s auctions took to Instagram to share that they would be selling the robe (along with storyboards and other memorabilia from the 1998 film) as part of their series of “Hollywood LEGENDS” auctions with Turner Classic Movies. As the dude actor Jeff Bridges said in a video posted to the auction house’s YouTube channel, a percentage of the profits will go to the No Kid Hungry charity.

The iconic two-piece ensemble (consisting of a characteristically ratty looking bathrobe and a drab white t-shirt) is worn by the dude in The Big Lebowski‘s opening moments: as he traipses around the supermarket to buy the ingredients for his favourite cocktail, and when the hapless criminals break into his house and set off the mad chain of events that follow. The Big Lebowski has becoming something of a cult favourite in the twenty five years that have passed since its release, and the robe is arguably one of its key motifs. That, along with bowling, green nail varnish, and a naked Julianne Moore.

With a starting price of $7000, the robe is expected to sell for between $30,000 to $50,000. While that might seem like a pretty penny – for most of us, even at the lower end it’s more than a whole year’s salary – it’s actually a bit of a bargain compared to some of the other iconic film memorabilia auctioned off in recent years. In December of last year, the animatronic alien figure from Steven Spielberg’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial sold for a huge $2.56 million.

So, are you in the Los Angeles area around the mid of December? Make a little private appointment to see the robe. Take it easy though. Ultimately, the dude abides.

  • Writer Amber Rawlings

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