The IG archiving women’s hairstyles throughout art history

In need of some #hairspo for AW18? Let us introduce you to your next IG must-follow 'The Hair Historian' - run by London-based editor Rachael Gibson - using portraiture in art history to map women's experimentation with different 'dos.

“I find the concept of trends and hair history super interesting,” Gibson tells HUNGER. “People have always expressed themselves through their hairstyles and have always sought to change their hair. There’s a tendency to believe that trends – be they colour, cuts or styling – are something new, but people have been transforming their hair since the earliest times and here’s the evidence to show you that.”

“It’s a traceable, academic way to comprehend that trends have happened since the beginning of time and hair has long been the medium for bringing them to life.” From 1920s hairstyles that defined a decade to flowing red locks loved by the Pre-Raphaelites, @thehairhistorian chronicles the best of the best.

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