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The illustrator documenting the stylish world of Wes Anderson

The delightfully geek-chic clumpy footwear, 70s style faux fur, heavy khol-rimmed eyes and a preppy Lacoste dress. Margot Tenenbaum’s style is catnip on the catwalk. Rising illustrator to know Manjit Thapp's has long been inspired by Wes Anderson’s stylish femme fatales.

“I love his work so much both visually and the stories he tells,” the Camberwell College of Art grad tells HUNGER. “There’s so much attention to detail and I love his use of colour, it’s something I try to translate into my own work.” The most stylish character of them all? “I think for me it has to be a Tenenbaum, so Etheline or Margot,” she says. “I love how Etheline looks so put together throughout the movie in her variation of pastel coloured suits. I also love how the siblings mix sportswear with more smarter pieces.”

Alongside profilic Insta-artists from @unskilledworker to @buttonfruit, Manjit will be involved in a new exhibition The Great Women Artists: Women On Instagram in East London next month (find out more here). “I love that there is so much more attention being paid to female artists,” Manjit says. “I think Instagram has played a part in it because these artists have always been there but through that platform have space to share their work and also be discovered by so many different people regardless of their age or background.”

What’s next for the emerging talent? Currently she is gearing up for a major book launch next spring for Penguin Random House, illustrating The Little Book of Feminist Saints (a volume honouring 100 trail-blazing women from Maya Angelou to Jane Austen). And like Unskilled Worker x Gucci, could a fashion collaboration be on the cards in the future? I ask. “It would be a dream,” she says. “I don’t want to be too specific incase I somehow magically jinx it! It’s very encouraging to see more and more brands teaming up with illustrators but also that illustrators are able to create their own brands like Tuesday Bassen and Claire Barrow.” Watch this space…

This article originally appeared on HUNGER TV October 2017. You can view more of Manjitt’s illustrations online / @manjitthapp.

20 March 2019