25 February 2019

The Instagram account providing major hair art inspiration

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Scrunchies, big bows, rainbow ribbons, pearly clips: back-to-school hair accessorising is du jour on the runway this season. For those who can’t get enough of the trend, At A Clip Instagram is your new must-follow, created by digital editor Tilly Macalister-Smith.

“The inspiration started with my friends, who I noticed more and more would be wearing cute headbands, scrunchies, barrette clips, big bows and so on,” Macalister-Smith explains. “And, of course, the trend started gathering pace on social media. These micro trends are often unrelated to big seasonal catwalk trends and are so well suited to the social space because they are so visually strong and quite a simple, playful message. Its catnip for an Instagram audience.”

HUNGER caught up with the new Insta-darling to talk cult brands, DIY hair drama and Margot mania.

What hair accessory trends are cropping up more now that you’ve noticed?

Pearl clips are the big news. Simone Rocha was a big pioneer of this little finishing touch; they look perfectly off kilter with her gorgeous lace dresses. A sort of dark naivety that’s totally captivating. Also, generously big bows, as well as velvet alice bands, which used to be quite Sloanie but are being given a chic second life.

Your go-to accessory of choice?

A black velvet scrunchie from Alex Eagle’s brilliant store. You can buy them on alexeagle.co.uk. I’m lusting after one of Sophie Bille Brahe’s fine jewelry pins in gold and pearls but that’s a serious wish list item!

Any tips on taking a DIY approach when it comes to hair accessories?

Buy lengths of grosgrain ribbon from a good haberdashery to tie a big bow or just knot it and leave the ends extra long. The stylist Aurelia Donaldson makes a lot of her own, buying clips and beads from Etsy so I keep bugging her for a ‘custom’ clip!

Hair clips seem to be having a real moment – from Simone Rocha to Shrimps – why do you think people are so into a statement clip?

There’s a certain amount of nostalgia associated with wearing pretty clips, bows and alice bands in your hair. It’s what we would wear as children. So there’s something cutesy about it, but now, played off against grown up tailoring, or a pared back minimal look it can become almost clerical, so it feels very new.

Ultimate hair accessory muse?

Easy, Margot Tenenbaum of course!

Favourite under-radar hair accessory brands we should have on our radar?

Jennifer Behr in New York makes the most beautiful bows that feel half modern, half nostalgic. Silvain Le Hen in Paris makes extremely beautiful and minimal graphic metal clips and pins.

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