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The Instagram artist blending surreal erotica and abstract love

Eromatica is celebrating the power of pleasure...

From heart shaped frames to starry settings, Eromatica explores the romantic and the sensual through delicately detailed illustrations. Naughty but nice? Check. Surreal but relatable? Check.  From lovers in passionate embraces to straight up getting it on, the playful graphic art is just what you need to spice up your Instagram feed with a little bit of lovin’.

Turning classic erotic drawings into abstract modern art, the creator  perfectly captures couples’ intimate little moments, letting us be just the right amount of voyeuristic. Coming soon is a web shop full of cute little pieces, because Eromatica is just what the love doctor ordered – stay tuned for the patches, pins, post-cards and more, and in the meantime follow them on Instagram here now.

14 May 2019