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The Instagram bringing female narratives to the forefront

Obvious Agency is not just an Instagram account, it’s a platform for storytelling, its a movement for equality - but it sure jazzes up your feed too.

Exploring female narratives that aren’t often expressed online, the aim is to bring new imagery and symbolic representations of women to the forefront. Described as a place which seeks to “move towards evolving the contemporary visual culture investigating new examples of womanhood”, Obvious Agency creates content worthy of exhibition.

Spanning from art and creative director, to design, fashion editorials, photography and videos, they work to keep their creations unique and true to their fundamental beliefs. Describing how their narratives and works collaborate with others who share the same stances, they have created a space for expression and a community who engage powerfully with it. Their latest project is entitled Obvious Zodiac, and features a creative depiction of women as each of the 12 star signs. From an emotionally overt Cancer to the identical Gemini twins, Obvious’ shoot is an empowered, fun expression of the diversity of women. See our top picks below, check out the full project on Youtube here and be sure to click follow on Instagram here now.

19 September 2019