The Instagram celebrating cinema’s femme fatales and queer icons

Exploring the deviant women of movie history.

Giving a platform for feminist film to be exposed, Instagram account @lesfemmespsychotiques is a much needed addition to timelines everywhere.

Created by a six-piece feminist collective, the concept was thought up by two friends Shelbi and Wiliani, two film lovers who wished to expose its audience to female-oriented cinema. 

Inspired by the group House of Psychotic Women, the Instagram account has become a home to cult and classic female-driven movies. Think notorious femme fatales like The 4th Man’s *** and New Wave feminist icons like Agnès Varda’s Cleo, it’s a place for celebrating the best women-centric stories over cinematic history. 

Exploring the dark feminine through filmic characters, Les Femmes Psychotiques looks at the side of female tales not often celebrated. The women who deviate from the gendered norms, the women who push boundaries and buttons, the women who don’t meet patriarchal society’s standards. The women who should be given a platform and a voice, and what better place to start than through cinema. 

Scroll down to get to know some of those women, and follow @lesfemmespsychotiques for your daily dose of deviance now. 

1 October 2018