16 December 2022

The internet is losing it over these Nike sneakers created by artificial intelligence

The AI-generated footwear is inspired by classic silhouettes from the brand, including the Air Force 1.

It seems as though artificial intelligence is already beginning to take over our world. With the recent rise in AI art software, people worldwide have become enamoured with the weird, wonderful and stunning creations that AI has conjured up. And now, the technology is being used to create a variety of would-be Nike trainers.

These AI-generated Nikes have taken over social media, garnering thousands of likes on TikTok and Instagram. The sneakers were designed by Instagram user @luckynumber8, who debuted the designs on the Instagram account @AI_ClothingDaily – and it’s safe to say people love the uniqueness of it all.

Taking on iconic Nike silhouettes, including the Vapormax and Air Force 1, each pair is given an intricate, lace-centric makeover. Plenty of users have been swooning over the dainty floral additions to the classic looks, with one user commenting: “Never seen anything like this. Incredibly impressive!”

For the Air Force 1-inspired pair, the shoes sport a similar floral crochet theming, making us wish these were actually available for purchase. Ensuring one knows that these are indeed computer generated, all of the designs feature “branding” in gibberish, while touches like the AF1 branding on the sole unit no longer reads as so. 

While a future filled with AI sneakers may seem dystopian, if they even remotely match the quality and invention of these pairs, we may have to invest – albeit with reluctance.


  • Writer Chris Saunders Banner Image Credit

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