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Planet of the Apes 2.0: surreal visuals from Simone Fugazzotto

Cartoon couture.

Simone Fugazzotto is the Milan-born artist creating a new kind of fash pack.

Fusing a mix of influences, Fugazzotto’s work combines the figure of monkeys, alongside drawing on both classical (Renaissance period) and modern symbols in contemporary culture (“I’m obsessed by the Louis Vuitton’s monogram,” he tells us).

“I like the idea of telling a story about the human condition: our weaknesses, vices and virtues through a metaphor,” Fugazzotto adds. “I wanted to explore this human evolution through the monkey’s figures holding a gun, smoking cigarettes or wearing lipstick, for example. Monkeys in my paintings are just a tool, a way to understand better what’s going on these days – in my world and outside of it.”


25 January 2019