The LA-based artist remixing surrealism, 80s sci-fi and horror

Meet the creative turning internet gore into art. 

Parker Jackson describes making art as a “necessary compulsion just as important as any other bodily function. Taking inspiration from 80’s sci-fi and horror films, Jackson’s painterly style is soft, whilst infused with an enigmatic surrealism and extreme cynicism. HUNGER caught up with the LA-based artist to know to find out more about his practice and life in the City of Angels…

On reality

“How far is my practice informed by cultural and societal means? I’d like to think not that much honestly, of course it’s somewhat unavoidable but I spend all of my time in this reality and this culture, in a lot of ways I think my work is a way to escape to another place populated with other beings that aren’t human and don’t deal with the same things humans do. Sometimes I will inject a bit of a cultural or societal reference but that’s mostly to give other people something semi-familiar to attach to.”

On the LA art scene

“When I first moved to LA it was due to a friend – also an artist, who got me a job out here. From that point on I’ve noticed that the LA art scene in particular is very close in a sense that artists really do prop each other up. In many instances I think some artists would take all of the work they could get their hands on, but in my experience I’ve been brought on to projects and jobs at the referral of a fellow artist friend because they thought that I would be better suited for the project than themselves and it’s something I return the favour for as often as I can.”

On how social media is changing the way people engage with art

“I think [Instagram has] done just as much harm as it has done good. On one hand I can’t deny that social media has allowed me to gather an audience and jobs that I had at one time only dreamed of as a possibility on a free platform. But I also think there is a lot of unnecessary pressure as well as a terribly short shelf life for individual pieces of work. I see often people will post something to the effect of “Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted any brand new free content in a day! Please don’t forget about me and unfollow me for not keeping you constantly stimulated!” and it really bums me out that a lot of artists feel that if they’re not constantly and consistently sharing new work then they’ll just be left behind. Sometimes it seems that just as quickly as a piece gets posted and gets its likes and shares, by the next week it is largely forgotten.”

On the art of collaboration

“By far my favourite thing that has come from sharing my work online. Nothing has given me more appreciation and gratitude than seeing my designs resonate with someone enough that they take the time and effort to recreate it. It’s flattery that goes beyond a simple compliment, seeing someone incorporate your work – and sometimes even elevate it to a new level – is highly satisfying and I hope to forge more relationships with people in the makeup, drag, and SFX communities to continue collaborating on looks.”


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