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The Lagos-born photographer blending science fiction, tech and identity

Neon nights with Munachi Osegbu.

“I grew up being obsessed with magazines and music videos,” 22-year-old photographer and director Munachi Osegbu tells Hunger. “I’d often wake up very early in the morning to watch the MTV video countdown and was constantly tearing out 2000’s Dolce & Gabbana ads by Steven Meisel.” Born in Lagos, moving to the USA at one-years-old, at its core Osegbu’s work focuses on Afrofuturism. Currently he’s based in New York, graduating this summer from NYU in photography, but the Nigerian-American creative has already racked up an impressive client list including; NICOPANDA, Converse, Refinery 29, Epic Records and more. Check out Osegbu’s latest photo-series blending tech, identity and science fiction below and follow him on Instagram here.

13 May 2019