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The Muse: Etta Bond on the impact of music and her new double album

Meet the singer-songwriter making waves with her seductive sound...

Bringing out an album is always a brave step, but for Etta Bond it wasn’t enough, she’s brought out two. Creating a double album, with part one entitled ‘He’s Not Mine’ and part two ‘He’s Mine’, the vibrant UK talent has found a way to express herself so evocatively only two albums will do. Working to create two equally creative projects, the parts fit together but carry their own identity. As a gender-fluid artist, Etta seeks to create a safe space through her sounds, hoping to create music that has the ability to “guide people through their own [experiences]. As a creator and as a person, Etta Bond has found her identity, and now she wants to help other people to too. We caught up with the London star to find out what the new album means to her, and where it’s leading Etta to next…

Do you remember the moment you fell in love with music?

Not at all, because I can’t remember not loving music.

Did you have a creative upbringing?

Most definitely. My mum is very creative and has always supported me being expressive. I have an older brother and sister who influenced me a lot too. My brother was a DJ (vinyl only!) and a sound engineer, my sister sang and danced. My mum always encouraged us to do what we love.

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How does it feel to create in the current climate? Does it feel like a positive time to make music?

I don’t care what the climate is, I’m creating because it’s what I do. It feels positive to create and pursue my career whilst in good mental health. That’s what feels positive. I want to share my stories and experiences but I also want to use my music to guide people through their own. I couldn’t have shown people the light before I’d found it myself, so really I’m just grateful for my journey and hope it can benefit someone.

What do you think still needs to change in the industry?

I need to get paid more.

Do you feel a responsibility as an artist to spotlight what is happening in the world?

I wouldn’t say I feel responsible… I’m just expressing myself and my experiences as honestly as I can. I’d say that’s my duty perhaps, but I’m not responsible.

How do you feel your music has evolved since you started out? What influences have most impacted you

My life experiences and the lessons I’ve learnt are what have impacted, influenced and evolved my music the most.

What five albums have shaped you the most?

Jill Scott – Who Is Jill Scott
Destiny’s Child – The Writing’s On The Wall
Amy Winehouse – Frank
Eric Benet – A Day In The Life
Mario – Mario

What’s next for you?

My debut double sided album is finally out! I’m in the middle of a 15-day European/UK tour, having the time of my life! From here, the main thing I know is that I’m not stopping. More music, videos, travelling, shows, collaborations. And I’m tryna hit The States. Spreading as much love as I can everywhere I go.

4 April 2019