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The Muse: Meet Austria’s next big rap star Mavi Phoenix

Mavi Phoenix is leading Austria’s new music revolution in 2k18, with her unique blend of pop, rap, and R&B gaining international recognition.

Originally from Linz, Austria and now living in Vienna, she’s been singing, rapping and producing since she was 11. “I’ve been doing music all my life and for the most part people have been supportive,” she says. “But when I stepped on to a bigger audience and appeared on bigger platforms, I started being confronted with uglier and more personal criticism. Maybe such “big” opinions and jealousy are just part of our digital culture nowadays, and of course part of this business. I won’t stop or change, nobody should.” While on the festival circuit – recently she performed at All Points East and Primavera Sound in both Barcelona and Porto – HUNGER caught up with the new music star to get excited about.

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Hey Mavi! How would you describe your music in three words?

Honest, edgy, poppy.

When did you first decide you wanted to become a musician?

Very early actually. When I was 11 I started writing and producing own songs. I always kinda felt that I had the potential to do it for real.

What was the inspiration behind your song Bite? Who is it about?

It’s about when you get a little more recognition and the people around you turn into snakes. Take care, stay true to yourself… and you’ll be fine.

You called your second EP “Young Prophet” – where did that title originate from?

I had a song called “Young Prophet” which didn’t make it on the EP. I stuck with the title because it sounds big, majestic. I wanted people to wonder who the f*ck calls themselves a young prophet. (laughs)

Who is your greatest musical influence?

I can’t decide on one…Daft Punk, N*E*R*D, Michael Jackson have been big influences for me.

What’s been a festival highlight for you this summer?

Primavera Festival in Barcelona has been great, Melt!Festival in Germany… there have been many cool and big concerts for me. I guess Primavera I will remember forever because it was so crazy to play in a country like Spain and actually have people knowing the words to your music.

What are your five essentials you always pack in your suitcase when you’re on the road?

My phone, headphones, sunglasses, some good skincare for my face. Another pair of sneakers. Can’t bring enough with me!

Who is your style icon?

I don’t have one. I developed my style because I have none I think. I just wear what I like.

How would you describe your personal style in three words?

Comfortable, 90s…boyish I suppose.

What’s the one album that has shaped you the most and why?

My first album that my mum bought me a physical copy from was Snoop Dogg’s Rhythm and Gangsta. I still love it.

What’s the last website you looked at and why?

The Austrian news site.  I like to be up to date with what happens in the world.

What’s up next for you?

I can’t wait for the release of certain single coming in August. After that I will play my first headline tour all over Europe. And right now I’m on the road to a next festival gig.

9 August 2018

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