The Only Tracks You Need To Hear Right Now

It’s Pisces Season *and* Mercury Retrograde, meaning it’s time to stick on your headphones and avoid communication with the outside world.

Sometimes it feels like the cosmos is out to get you. Right now, stuck as we are in crybaby Pisces season and chaotic Mercury Retrograde, we can’t help but feel personally victimised by the universe. Our emails aren’t getting replied to, our ex popped up out of the blue and we’re feeling pretty fragile right now. Thankfully, however, the likes of Arca, Grimes and Yves Tumor are throwing us a lifeline with fresh releases this week — and we’ve compiled our faves in our weekly The Only Tracks You Need to Hear Right Now playlist.

Hunker down in your room, put the volume up high and drown out the mayhem of the world around you. You can expect gems like:

Miss Anthropocene, the much-hyped fifth album from avant-pop angel (or villain, depends who you ask) Grimes. Delving into themes of climate change, AI and apocalypse it’s jam-packed with big ideas and an even bigger sound.

– “@@@@@” the new single from pioneering Venezuelan producer Arca. Clocking in at sixty-two minutes and taking inspiration from pirate radio, the musician has described it as “a transmission broadcasted into this world from a speculative fictional universe.” Good on her.

– Yves Tumor’s slice of psychedelia, “Gospel for A New Century”. Sexy, catchy and accompanied by an Isamaya Ffrench-directed video, it’s the perfect distraction. 

–“Lick in Heaven” a deceptively bouncy and upbeat track about getting really, really angry from Canadian musician Jessy Lanza. A wonderful contradiction for a wonderfully confusing time.

Listen via the player below or on Spotify.

24 February 2020

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