The Parisienne-London label bringing back 60s cool

Introducing SKIIM, The Parisienne-London brand influenced by the 60s fashion scene. "I started making fine leather shirts delicate, soft and very feminine," founder Caroline Sciamma-Massenet tells HUNGER. "First of all, I wanted to create a unique feeling with fine quality. Then I had to decide on the SKIIM muse. As inspiration, I have used all of these beautiful and charismatic women that I have always admired. They all have, in my opinion, that “Parisian ” look, even if most of them are not French. They all have a “je ne sais quoi” that represents SKIIM image so well. I have them in my mind every time I design a new season, I think of them and imagine what they would wear for that theme and how they would live everyday wearing these pieces."

“I truly believe in sustainability,  each leather jean or a coat is forever,” Caroline adds. “My pieces are produced to stay long term in our wardrobes and used season after season. [I want to make] women look and feel beautiful, effortless and timeless with a twist.” Below, she shares with us her forever 60s and 70s icons that have shaped her wardrobe over the years.


She is my absolute icon, the type of “Femme-enfant”, so fresh, innocent, “espiegle” and so charming. Whatever she does, she has this magic and a little craziness in her.  The way she moves, talks, and dress, is exactly how I see women.  Her natural way of living inspires me.  She could just wear a pair of jeans and a shirt open to look fabulous.  That woman is timeless, and is so SKIIM,  She is the perfect example on how I would like the brand to be associated.



She’s very unique, very avant-garde, porte -parole, engaged. She is the feminine Fidel Castro. She is so powerful, follows her ideas with no fear, no shame, and speaks up for everything she believes in.  I admire her so much. In the 70’s, her beauty was so universal, but her charisma even more so.  She’s the incarnation of a strong woman.  You could look at her for hours dancing, talking, with that conviction, little effrontee that made her so divine.  I literally did so much research looking at her movies like “Le mepris”, which inspired my first collection.  Season after season, with different themes, I always have these women in my mind.  How would they dress these themes?  I can t help it! They are just the SKIIM ID!  But her image was too much for her, so she preferred her secret garden to the fame.  She refused to be in front page of every magazine or cameras. I love that such an icon can be so anti-social.


“I am obsessed by everything she represents: her smile, her energy, her style. She’s an extraordinary elegant woman.  I am so impressed by these women with perfect strong identity.  Women are such a source of inspiration in many ways. They are becoming the essence of every important decision in our world. We have definitely entered the century powered by Women. Lauren’s  energy and charisma is so well represented in SKIIM.  I want women to feel independent in wearing my clothes. True to themselves,  beautiful, natural, and certainly not trying to look like someone else.”


“She went through all decades with such nice style, wearing mini skirt with shirts, she never looks vulgar or too sexy, her attitude was ideal. Her couple with Jacques Dutronc had a big impact in the Parisian style, very independent woman, no one told her what to do or to wear, she was her own muse in a way, she built her style organically from her life, her aptitude to create or start a trend – with a haircut, having a fringe, playing guitar. I keep all pictures of hers as my ideal way of living, simple but strong, natural but colourful, innocent but knowing what and where.”


“Her life was full of depth and surprises.  She was so beautiful but so fragile as well. Her mystery made you want to know more about her feelings.  She had an incrediblY hard life, but was keeping it all for herself, working so hard to always look impeccable in social events or on screen. But it sadly all ended in such tragic way. It is hard to find such discreet and independent icons nowadays.  It is about sharing everything with the world, no secrets, no mystery.  All is on social media, everything is revealed by the minute.  Icons don’t have the charm, or natural beauty. Between plastic surgery, and filters, hard to know what is true. That’s the reason why I keep my inspiration from these incredible icons, with such natural beauty, as a reminder, to stay true to SKIIM spirit.”

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24 August 2018

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