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An intimate photo series on love and heartbreak

Raw imagery of starting over.

Betrayed, numb, lost: the experience of losing or leaving love affects us all profoundly. It seems everyone has a story to tell of heartache; so deeply personal and raw. But often in the aftermath of the event (days, months, years later) – how we feel, how we think, how we live becomes blurred. A new publication of photographic stories entitled The Endings (a collaboration between photographer Caitlin Cronenberg – daughter of legendary filmmaker David Cronenberg – and art director Jessica Ennis) captures candid moments of heartbreak, relationship endings and new beginnings. Fictional but often inspired by real life—the characters raw emotions are exposed in their most vulnerable state.

Featuring some of today’s most celebrated actresses, including Julianne Moore, HUNGER favourite Juno Temple, Keira Knightly, Bel Powley and Imogen Poots, the photographic vignettes capture female characters in the throes of emotional transformation.

“These intimate images combine the lush beauty and rich details of fashion photographs with the drama and narrative energy of film stills,” Cronenberg says. “Telling stories of sadness, loneliness, anger, relief, rebirth, freedom, and happiness, they are about relationship endings, but they are also about beginnings. They capture the journey of moving on.”

The Endings, by Jessica Ennis and Caitlyn Cronenberg is published by Chronicle Books, available to buy here.

9 October 2018