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The powerful photography series spotlighting women in politics

Take a look inside the 209 Women exhibition...

100 years after women achieved the right to vote and the first female MP was elected, there is now a record number of women in parliament – 209 to be exact. To celebrate the centenary of the suffragette movement and to empower the current female leaders of our country, Hilary Wood founded and directed project ‘209 Women’. Celebrating feminism and progression through art, the couple hundred women were shot exclusively by female photographers – powerful women seen through the eyes of powerful women.

As Alison McGovern, Labour MP and chair of the Speaker’s Advisory Committee on Works of Art, said: “The women’s movement has never been about one person’s achievement: it is about all of us. This project carries out that vision, including all kinds of women from all kinds of backgrounds. It is a subtle but very true statement of equality.”

Having been hung in Westminster for 3 months, the photography exhibition will now move to Liverpool’s Open Eye Gallery where it will be on display in partnership with Culture Liverpool. For more information click here and click through the gallery below for a sneak peek into the exhibition. Follow the 209 Women project on Instagram here.

25 March 2019