The Russian photographer creating cosmic colourways to know

Slava Semenyuta is a photographer we love.

We asked him why he loves neon so much and what influences his artistic vision.

Check out more of his work here. Follow him on Instagram @thisset.

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What do you like about neon colours?

I love everything that looks cosmic. Neon colors are colors that are rarely found in nature. In the oceans live deepwater creatures that have the property to fluoresce. In cosmos, there are ultraviolet radiation rays which are only visible neon colors. I like to think that in the cosmos there are many planets where the whole world is fluorescent, mountains, trees, clouds, seas. These colours seem to me very mysterious and magical fact.


What other art has had an impact on you?

I always liked to draw. As a child I drew dinosaurs, space, insects and underwater creatures. As a child, I was interested in science fiction and documentary. I read Clifford Simak and Larry Niven and National Geographic magazines. In magazines, I saw a lot of incredible places on our planet, which were very nicely photographed. I wanted to travel and see all the places that are seen in a magazine and photograph new fantastic places. When I bought my first camera I was photographing insects, nature and my city. Now I often use body painting and Digital Art. I photograph my models turning them into cosmic creatures.


What else do you like to shoot? what inspires you?

I love to take pictures and shoot video macro. I very like unusual places in the city. I like minimalism. I take pictures of the sky, plants, sea, road, shadows of different objects, reflections in the water and the windows of shops and houses. I am inspired by everything around me. I am inspired by music – ambient, IDM, techno, African rhythms.



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