The shoot celebrating representation and diversity with Ciel models

Meet the models who make up the agency with a difference...

Founded in June 2018 by Brenda Beaux, Ciel Model Management focuses on breaking through the artificial constraints of an old fashioned institution and bringing a diverse selection of people into the world of fashion and beyond. Describing their aim to be “providing fair representation to all models irrespective of their race, colour, sexuality, physical ability, religion or gender”, the agency is dedicated to celebrating the diversity of humanity and sharing their beauty with the world.

In an industry long obsessed with specifications and conventions of beauty standards, Ciel’s models are a breath of fresh air, representing the people we see in the mirror, the people we hold hands with, and who we want to see when we open a magazine. Meet six of the models now, in photographer Matt Marsh’s captivating shoot.

Kaeleen Stammers – @kaeemae

“I’m 21, grew up in South London, like to research spirit science, watch documentaries and go to fashion events. What makes me special is the fact I’m always brimming with new ideas to innovate and progress the reality that we are living.”

Matilda Nixon – @swineleg

“20 years, grew up in London, studies religion & politics.”

Gift Francis – @iamgiftfrancis

I’m a very adventurous guy love sports tennis in particular and travelling alone. I’m bisexual and a Libra so this two thing can explain you how difficult for me is to take a decision, in all my young life choosing is not for me… I have my brand of shoes le piquet the only big decision I made in my life a the moment!

Erin Young – @_sonder

“At 22 years, I’m an artistic sensitive soul, I love being around and interacting with people. My favourite things are my music, working with creatives, interesting books, and discussing ideas 💡 sensitivity paired with knowledge is strength and power!”

Francis Demko – @francisdemko

“I was born September 21, 1992 in Kosice, Slovakia. Started modelling in 2016 where I was scouted on social media platform. I started to work with Central and Eastern European designers, appeared in Vogue Italy and walked my first fashion week in Vienna. In 2018 I relocated to London where I signed cooperation with London’s modeling agency and now collaborate with photographers, designers and shoot editorials for magazines.”

Kyowung Ku – @woongs_theme

“26 years, I grew up is ANSAN city in South Korea, And I like to watch movies or play the guitar in my free time. It’s the funniest part of the band.”

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  • photography Matt Marsh
  • stylist Brenda Beaux
  • words Kitty Robson
  • hair and make up artist Elisa
  • photographic assistant Ingrid Kvamstø
  • models Kaeleen Stammers, Francis Demko, Gift Francis, Erin Young, Kyowung Ku and Matilda Nixon

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