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The South African collage artist exploring society’s taboos

Through a series of intricate layers, Karin Miller’s digital collage art explores the dinner table topics society tries to avoid – religion, politics, sex and race.

Giving her mainly female protagonists a seat at the table, the absurdity of these taboos is exposed – hidden behind mobile phones, sheets and paper and hands.

Idyllic domestic scenes are disrupted with a game of hide and seek between black and white characters – a deeper metaphor for gender inequality and the history of South Africa’s race relations. Secrecy is playfully unveiled with each layer and injected with a touch of surreal humour.

Fascinated by the fashion industry’s ability to entrance and brainwash, Karin plays with religious iconography. Repetition and the image of the mandala are used to symbolise our blind devotion to the material world.

Beautiful, challenging and transportive – Karin’s work is another shining light from South Africa’s flourishing creative scene.

Explore more of Karin’s visuals in the gallery below.

14 September 2018

#collage #illustration #SouthAfrican #Surrealism