5 August 2019

The ultimate vegan shoe guide

Fly veggie kicks that won't cost you an arm and a leek...

PSA: Eco warriors and Lehman’s everywhere, style and sustainability can go hand in hand! As we become more conscious of the ways in which our daily habits have affected and continue to affect our environment, we must remember that consciousness is more than the foods we ingest. It is more than recycling packaging from brands that should, really, know better than to individually wrap each garment in a bulk buy. It’s more than just separating your paper from plastics once you’re done sifting through bills for the day. It’s also more than simply walking, as opposed to hitching a ride on the bus two stops away from your destination, because, “rain”. In fact, it’s all of those things and more. Of course, (all) larger corporations should do more to provide consumers with guilt free, sustainable, conscious products and consistent efficiency at a great price point. Until then, here’s a fool-proof list to the shoe brands keeping the environment and our right to look fly in mind…

Get ready to storm Area 51 in this futuristic set. This French shoe brand has ignited a conscious flutter in fashion folk everywhere. All plant based, and all completely enviable: from salad slides, to Blade-approved combat boots, spare no cost on this lifelong investment.

The world’s most Insta-ready shoe just keeps on getting better. From a classic white plimsoll to an edgy flatform, if you’re in the market for some cool go-with-everything shoes, Veja is certainly for you.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Vegan… Vagabond?” No, not their mainline, but… This Swedish shoe brand are offering just as much fash-un, just with a lot less environmental impact. The ‘Non-Animal’ collection is the perfect alternative to a chic leather classic.

If they’re not already on your radar, get to know Sydney Brown shoes. Tracking every step to ensure that their practice is as free from harm, SB shoes are perfect to offset your grown and sexy autumn-time wardrobe.

All of the quirk with just as much style, Good News shoes are an itch you need to scratch. Don’t sleep, they’re what you need to achieve the most perfect Γ  la mode sneaker collection!

The ever-so dependable docs. Perfect boots for (virtually) any occasion. Got a hot date? Throw on some docs. Off for a walk? Throw on some docs. Off to a soiree? I mean… Throw on a floor length gown and who can tell? The thought of parting ways from your mono Jadons are a thought no more. They heard your cries and have answered by introducing a vegan range, Glory be!

  • words Connie Mangumbu
  • cover image Rombaut

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