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The wildest moments from ‘Love Is Blind’ 

Social media has been ablaze with WTF moments courtesy of Netflix’s three week “dating experiment”.

Is there anyone that hasn’t been watching Love Is Blind? The bizarre dating reality TV show has as all captivated, probably for its high stakes premise more than anything else. Following a group of attractive singletons in their twenties and thirties, it asks if romance can bloom based on a solely emotional, rather than physical connection. Individuals are not allowed to see their partner until they become engaged and the show follows a strict timeline of speed dates in specially designed “pods”, proposals, pre-wedding “honeymoons” and a live-in stage. It’s basically a normal relationship but on speed (in more ways than one). 

Beyond its novel premise, viewers have been hooked by the shed loads of drama — from wine-drinking dogs to a Beyoncé-quoting breakup. We round up our favourite moments below. 

Jessica’s “baby voice”

Every reality show needs a villain and for Love Is Blind it’s Jessica. Before she begins showcasing some of her messier pinot noir-induced antics, she plays it sweet and light with her trademark “baby voice”. Significantly pitched up from her actual speaking voice, this might have piqued Mark and Barnett’s attention but for viewers at home, it’s down-right annoying. 

Carlton and Diamond’s poolside breakup

After a whirlwind romance in the pods, Carlton and Diamond get to the honeymoon stage in Mexico. Fighting begins pretty much instantaneously as Diamond is left bewildered when Carlton puts up all the guards he had lowered in the pods. Turns out, he has a lot on his mind — namely that he’s afraid to come out as bisexual in case Diamond rejects him. After eventually coming out, the two have an explosive breakup that sees him throw Diamond’s ring in the pool and Diamond walk off saying “watch my ass to the next dick boy” in reference to Beyonce’s “Hurt Yourself”.

Damian is *not* the best sex Giannina has ever had

After emotional proposals in the pod, where both Damian and Giannina get down on one knee, things begin to deteriorate in, still highly produced and micromanaged, “real world” scenes. There’s frequent bickering and, in one explosive scene, Giannina asks; “You know how you always say I’m the best sex of your life? Do you ever notice how I don’t ever say it back?” D-R-A-M-A.

Wine dog

Clearly, at this point in the series, where she and beau Mark are living together, things are getting to Jessica. She still has feelings for overgrown frat boy Barnett, she’s stressed about the ten year age gap between her and Mark, and she’s really not feeling having cameras in her face 24/7. As many a woman would do in her position, Jessica turns to wine…cue drunkenly hitting on Barnett in close proximity to his fiancee Amber, kissing Amber on the mouth at the female contestants’ bachelorette party and, eh, shoving a glass of wine into her beloved dog Payton’s mouth. Out of all of her sketchy behaviour on the show, this takes the (dog) biscuit.

Altar rejections

As you’d probably imagine, a lot of the Love Is Blind couples don’t successfully get hitched…cue manly tears, bitchy friends and Giannina running barefoot through the streets of Atlanta.

Amber comes for Jessica at the reunion

By the time the show reunion rolls around, the whole cast has had well over a year to process their emotions so everyone has made amends with what’s happened, whether they’re happy about it or not. That is, everyone except for Amber. Pretty pissed off at Jessica’s repeated attempts to steal her man (the rather overhyped Barnett, in case you’ve forgotten) and cheat on Mark, Amber calls her out as “shiesty” and disingenuous. Maybe it’ll take a couple more years for it all to be water under the bridge.

6 March 2020

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