11 April 2023

TikTokers are hot glue-gunning eyeliner designs to their face – and it’s not for the faint-hearted

TikTok’s beauty community is always up for trying a challenge, and with the latest trend taking a hot glue gun to the face, the videos have come flooding in.

The hashtag for hot glue makeup first started when experimentative beauty TikToker Vannessa Funes used hot glue to create a metallic silver eye design at the start of March. Users were seriously impressed with the innovative DIY take on the futuristic eye stickers and jumped to create their own. The video went instantly viral and the hot glue gun eyeliner was born.


i may have melted c3po for this one… uniliner inspired by the amazing @adultsdrink of course 🫶 // everyone’s looks have been so amazing thank u all for tagging me!!! #hotgluemakeup #chromemakeup #fypシ #xybca #makeup

♬ use this sound if Ariana Grande is a god - hollyメ𝟶

In a slew of how-to videos, Funes shows how she uses her glue gun to create a design on another surface, rubbing on her desired colour of eyeliner when it has properly cooled and taking them with a tweezer to stick to her face with eyelash glue. She assures commenters that practice is the key to making this look pop, and admits she herself had to do it many times until she became a hot gun pro.


makeup with a hot glue gun 🫧💙 ad using products from this months @boxycharm 🫶🏼 ib @cutcreaser products i used: @Artist Couture club daddy palette @KVD BEAUTY tattoo pencil @IL MAKIAGE Icon high volume & Intense curl mascara #makeup #hotgluehacks #makeupartist #makeuptransformation #makeupchallenge

♬ original sound - emma ੈ✩‧₊˚

But the trending hashtag could become rather confusing to some, as it may imply that hot glue is applied directly to the face. Whatever you do, do not do that. The danger with calling it eyeliner could also be assumed that it is placed directly on the eye line, when in fact it should be properly cooled on an external surface before going anywhere near the face. If you hark your memories back to primary school when you would accidentally hot glue gun yourself to your art project, it’s safe to say it gave a good blister. And the last thing we want any upcoming beauty gurus to suffer is a burn on the face. 

So whilst DIY hot glue gun design stickers are high in demand right now, we simply must ask, what’s next? Glue sticks as a primer and PVA face masks? Don’t tempt the TikTok beauty community now. 

  • Writer Ella Chadwick Banner Image Credit

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