26 April 2022

Top model Leanne Maskell releases new book ‘The Reality Manifesto’

Top model and bestselling author, Leanne Maskell, launches her new book The Reality Manifesto on May 8th 2022.

A much-needed manual on how to survive in today’s social media-obsessed world, The Reality Manifesto takes an unfiltered look at the true cost of our mental health and self-esteem as we continuously compare ourselves to others online. In the first A to Z anti-exploitation manual for social media, Maskell, who has trained as a mental health coach, shares her own personal experiences of living the model life on Instagram and how never-ending pressure led her to suicidal thoughts.

“I wrote this book, a much-needed manual on how to navigate the pitfalls of social media after hearing first-hand the despair and worry that parents and teenagers feel about their social media habits. Their worries – from lack of self-esteem to self-diagnosing ADHD, to feeling inadequate and suicidal reflected the exact same experiences I’d had while modelling and living this supposed ‘perfect life” on Instagram and Twitter,” Maskell says. “It’s easy to say, well just stop using social media if it is negatively impacting you, but the problem is, it’s addictive. It’s the algorithm that makes it an almost impossible habit to break and until the business model is changed, users will also be the expendable product. I’ve set up a petition to ask the Government to protect our kids which I am urging parents to sign.”

The Reality Manifesto: an A to Z anti-exploitation guide for social media, mental health & body image is available on Amazon from 8th May.

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