Tough Guys

Aleksandra Kingo puts stereotyped masculinity to the test.

Based around the harmful stereotypes of what a “real man” has to be, Aleksandra Kingo’s editorial expresses strength, resilience and bottled emotion. 

“Despite the world going in the right direction in terms of self-acceptance and freedom of expression, toxic masculinity is still a burning issue especially among younger men,” she explains. “As a mother of a little boy, I think it’s very important to speak up about it as much as possible. In my work, I like bringing up important topics by turning them inside out and pushing them to the point of absurdity, so that the final result is a series of humorous, ironic shots picturing young men proving themselves and their ‘toughness’ in front of the camera in a pointless, exaggerated, almost absurd way.”

28 April 2020