13 September 2018

Transcending Place: Photography by Arielle Bobb-Willis

There’s something transcendent about Arielle Bobb-Willis’ images.

Mysterious figures contort in curious poses against a meticulous colour palette. Sometimes looking inwards, often looking towards the sky – there is a sense of inner peace, of poise, of a calm elegance.

Shot entirely on film, Arielle’s photography tells the story of her own journey through depression, following a move from NYC to South Carolina which left her feel rootless and displaced as a teenager. Encouraged by a teacher who gifted her an analogue camera, the young photographer found inspiration in Jacob Lawrence’s 1941 ‘Migration Series’, which explored the mass movement of African American people from the South to the North following World War I.

Abstract yet emotive, Arielle’s photographs ask us to question our own relationship to the land and our surroundings. We can see ourselves in these meditative poses, and celebrate our resilence and strength, even in the midst of chaos all around us.

Explore more of Arielle’s images below and follow her on Instagram: @relbw

Browse more of Arielle’s photography in the gallery below.

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