Travis Scott to perform at Billboard Awards sixth months after the Astroworld tragedy

The reaction from fans and social media users alike has been mixed.

The Billboard Awards take place this Sunday (15th May) and Travis Scott has been nominated in the Best Dance/Electric Song category for the remix of his track ‘Goosebumps’ by HVME —  a move that has been deemed highly controversial. He was added to the performer list alongside other superstars Ed Sheeran, Megan Thee Stallion and Burna Boy.

Travis Scott has kept himself out of the limelight ever since the Astroworld incident that occurred in November 2021, in which 10 people died and approximately 300 more were injured. Since then, Travis Scott has only made a small number of public appearances. Most notably during  an interview with Charlemagne Tha God in which he claimed he “didn’t know fans were injured until after the concert”. Scott was later removed from his headlining slot at Coachella 2022 but is set to make a return to festival lineups. He is scheduled to headline Primavera Sound festivals in the South American cities of São Paulo, Buenos Aires and Santiago later this year.

The decision to appoint Scott as a performer at this year’s Billboard Awards is undoubtedly contentious, but it seems as if rapper P Diddy was the individual to make it happen. “For the Billboard Music Awards this Sunday, I made a request,” Diddy said in an Instagram video. “I made a demand. I said, ‘My brother Travis Scott has to perform. Diddy’s hosting the show. I’m executive producing, he has to perform.’ 

Now,  let’s see how the rest of the internet has reacted. Understandably, there are numerous individuals concerned about the decision. “So Travis Scott went silent for a few months after all of that tragedy at Astroworld. Now he gets to come back as if nothing happened!!! People died!!! [sic]” wrote one social media user. 

Some users believe he isn’t taking enough responsibility, “10 people died and this grown man hasn’t even acknowledged them since that stupid apology video he made after the festival and he just gets to perform and keep making money smh [sic].”

Others, though, have been more forgiving, “We all have to move on at some point. He’s gotta keep doing what he’s supposed to do; make music and perform. You want him to be sad about it forever? That’s not in human nature,” stated one Twitter user.

While a section of his fans seem to just be happy he’s back, given the flood of “W” and “GOAT” comments which can be found in the replies to one of his fan pages. “The goat making a comeback” and “Big W” wrote a couple of elated Scott fans.

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