Under The Same Ground

A new fashion film and editorial from Ludovico Andrea D'auria, Martina Ghia and Marco Coluccio reunites London's lost club kids for one night in techno haven FOLD.

Whether it’s the sweat running down the walls or the electricity of being surrounded by a crush of moving bodies, nightlife continues to be invigorating and inspiring across generations. We’ve said it many times before but it doesn’t get any less true: after a year of lockdown we need to get back to the club. 

When we emerge from restrictions on 21 June, however, many venues will have vanished, forced into closure by the events of the past year and lack of government support. The pandemic has highlighted that, no matter the creative or community value that clubs represent, the industry will always be under appreciated by our Conservative, culture-phobic politicians. 

So, raising a defiant middle finger to the current status quo, photographer Ludovico Andrea D’auria and stylist Martina Ghia have joined forces to bring you ‘Under The Same Ground’, a new fashion story and film bringing together London’s one-time club kids in much-loved Canning Town venue FOLD.

Jacket / Rulfur // Corset / Sardanàpalus // Shoes / Rick Owens

Jacket and Skirt / Luis De Javier // Corset / Elissa Poppy // Shoes / Natacha Marro

Jacket / Born in Dust // Bag / FOLD // Kilt / Vintage // Shoes / Dr. Martens // Collar / Luke W Anderson

  • Photographer and Art Director Ludovico Andrea D'auria
  • Stylist and Creative Director Martina Ghia
  • Hair Stylist and Creative Director Marco Coluccio
  • Filmmakers Alessandro di Rosa and Ivano Barcellona
  • Makeup Artist Mus Emin
  • Production Gloria Cialfi
  • Models Samuel Friberg, Jasmin Asia, Ken, Rulfur, Amphibian, Elaine Kwok, Stacy Michuki
  • Video editor, Composer and Sound Designer Rasika Chomkwang
  • Photography Assistant Daryke Molina
  • Lighting Assistant Stefano Sargentini
  • Stylist Assistant Patricia Arkaxhiu
  • Hair Assistant Fabiana Massa Pinto
  • Makeup Assistant Martina Derosa
  • Production Assistant Alicja Domanska

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