Up-and-coming designers spotted at Vancouver Fashion Week to follow

Since its inception 17 years ago, Vancouver Fashion Week has operated with a firm belief in being a well-grounded local initiative with global instincts and intuition; seeking out to showcase international award winning designers from over 25 global fashion capitals. From the new label bringing queer energy onto the catwalk to a designer's painterly twist on streetwear, get these new-gen designers from VFW on your radar...

6-D Sebastian Masuda

Style notes… Acid-candy colours, synthetic fabrics, faux fur, and an excess of embellishments: enter ‘Reboot the Kawaii’. Digital printed leggings, biker jackets, and a tulle skirt layered with transparent PVC, gave a youthful and casual feel in neon colours. Japanese artist, Masuda Sebastian, questions “what is fashion?” with a multicoloured fur ensemble with huge towering headpiece; a dramatic look.

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Profanity (LillzKillz)

Style notes… Designed by Canadian born, queer designer Lillea, the brand reflects her personal style and ethos (freedom from societies rules, inclusivity and limitless possibilities). This season she showcased ‘Eat my shorts,’ a playful unisex collection featuring vinyl pockets filled with toy cars, platform sneakers, video game prints. Alongside this old car parts – from seatbelts to seat leathers – were recycled into garments.

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Imogen Evans

Style notes… Imogen Evans was born in London, moved to Edinburgh as a child and has just completed a Fashion Design degree in Milan. “imi”, by Imogen Evans, is a brand that utilises fashion to address societal issues. Each collection captures a twist of our existence. Imogen’s SS19 collection entitled “Reconstruct My Flesh” is a realisation, through clothing, of society’s obsession with physical self “improvement”.

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Style notes…Transport yourself to the (1985) roller disco with ‘Vapour Wave’. The self-taught 21-year-old was inspired by 2000s internet memes, 80s art and 70s new wave music to create a collection that critiques modern consumerism and pop culture. A neon palette of both used and new fabrics was accented with car seat buckles, chains, and rainbow printed platform sneakers. Fusing elements from multiple decades, KSLAM’s vintage reworks bring a unique take to modern streetwear.

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Lukas Dasse

Style notes… Lukas Daase is a Vancouver-based designer and graduate of Blanche Macdonald Centre. Their label creates gender inclusive, ready-to-wear garments that explore the grey area of expression; questioning and transforming societal norms.

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Notre Deces

Style notes… If you’re a fan of Marques’Almeida’s distressed denim and Alex Mullins’ 90s-style rave wear, get this brand on your radar. A collection smashing together contemporary art and modern streetwear.

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