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Up Close and Personal With HUNGER Hair Editor Nick Irwin

He appears in the first edition of his new venture IN-SESSION, an event series and unique opportunity to learn from the creative world's most influential minds.

If you’ve ever marvelled at the hair looks on the pages of HUNGER, whether it be tie-dye tresses or sculptural bouffants, you’ll  no doubt have come across the work of our Hair Editor Nick Irwin.

With a cutting-edge aesthetic that, in addition to his work for HUNGER, has attracted brands such as Rolls Royce and Fendi and a celebrity client list that includes Gillian Anderson and Nathalie Emmanuelle, Nick is a name in the hair industry: both in-demand for his hair artistry and as a session stylist.

Now, he is working as a co-founder of IN-SESSION, an event series bringing together a cross section of session stylists from around the globe to be filmed and interviewed in a London studio, allowing viewers at home to watch them create their aesthetic live. Over the course of two hours, you’re able to watch and learn from their unique creative process and discover how they have become the artist they are today. On 8 June Irwin will spearhead the first IN-SESSION by going through his work and process in an exclusive live-streamed session.

The ethos behind IN-SESSION is one of accessibility, lifting the veil on what can seem like a secretive and closed-off world, in order to empower those who want to learn more and to shine a light on brilliant but lesser-known session stylists. Speaking of the project, Irwin said:  “I’ve been very fortunate to have a career in hair that has crossed many boundaries. I felt through my close relationship and friendships with session stylists that it’s really important to create a platform where we can truly celebrate their brilliance and get this across to a much wider audience in the hair industry”.

 The first IN-SESSION kicks off with Nick Irwin as guest, on 8 June with tickets priced at £55. Buy your own here. 

28 May 2021