Vetements Serves up Luxury At Maccie D’s 

Demna Gvasalia stormed a local Parisian McDonald’s to present the show with complementary outfits (McDonald’s worker’s uniforms).

The crowd was teased with branded condom invites, hosting guests who seated at the aisles of the venue with models walking between them, dressed in security guard’s attires and manager outfits. The collection swiftly took a Vete-a-like” prominence, seen across oversized leather coats and enormous blazers, paired up with fitted shirts. Skin-tight leggings were a further core, alongside duvet coats and oversized reworked denim. Standout pieces included slogan hoodiesmimicking referential and socialist verbiage like “ECSTASY”, “PAYSTATION” to name a few, underlining the label’s feel of overlooked leniency, noticeable in the finishing touches like the footwear – or better –  flip flops, accessorised by  a vast assortment of neutral logos. 

On a final note, the venue indirectly functioned as afundamental statement to the fashion industry system, with the purpose of alerting consumers against expressive “ravenousness”, aspect which I’m sure doesn’t cease to swing among the ever so frivolous fashion crowd.

  • words Chidozie Obasi
  • cover image courtesy

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