18 October 2022

Viewers are throwing up and fainting after watching killer clown flick ‘Terrifier 2’

“My friend passed out and the theatre called an ambulance. Highly recommended,” said one viewer.

Terrifier 2, a recently released graphic slasher film, has been causing audiences to vomit and faint during screenings of the flick.

The release follows a year later from the events of the 2016 horror spectacle, Terrifier, in which two drunk friends, Tara and Dawn, leave a Halloween party and are hunted down by Art, a psychotic cannibal clown serial killer (it doesn’t get much worse than that). In the sequel, Art continues his massacres after being resurrected from the dead and terrorises a bereaved family on Halloween night. 

The original became infamous due to its unhinged violence, which included decapitation, eye gouging and face eating, and its sequel certainly carries on that graphic legacy — but this time with a supernatural element.

Unsurprisingly, the latest movie is stacked with grotesque grandiose scenes, which turned out to be just a little too much for some viewers. “Just saw Terrifier 2. It was an amazing, gory mess. The guy behind me passed out cold [and] crashed into my chair, another guy left because he didn’t feel good, I overheard him say, and walking out [the] theatre door I heard a guy puking hard & loud in the bathroom [sic],” tweeted one cinemagoer.

“#Terrifier2 my friend passed out and the theatre called an ambulance. Highly recommended,” shared another, who also posted a photo of his friend sitting in the cinema and being attended to by medics. 

Damien Leone, who directed the film, responded to the reports. “I would have loved to have a couple of walk-outs, I think that’s sort of a badge of honour because it is an intense movie,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “I don’t want people fainting [or] getting hurt during the movie. But it’s surreal. Here’s the thing, it’s called Terrifier 2, you should probably see Terrifier 1 before you jump into this one. If you see Terrifier 1, you’d know what you’re getting into.”

The filmmaker also revealed details about how he went about upping the gore levels in Terrifier 2. “There is a now-notorious murder scene, a hacksaw scene, in Part I that everyone walks away talking about. We tried to rival that scene [in the new film] because [of] the really supportive fan base that we’ve had this entire time, that has really started to put Art on a pedestal, I mean, those are the things that they really want.” 

It doesn’t seem like the gruesomeness will come to a close anytime soon either, since Leone is already planning a third film. There’s a lot more to explore with Art the Clown, for sure” he added to the pubication. 

  • Writer Chris Saunders
  • Banner Image Credit Cinedigm

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